Do I pay extra for clients?

Communicate securely with your clients, patients or anyone external to your business free of charge to you and them!

Can I cancel at any time?


How long will you be around?

DeliverySlip will be there for you. Since 2008, over 6 million people and 11,000 businesses have used DeliverySlip to protect their communication.

Does everyone in my organization need accounts to get started?

No, only the employees that need to communicate securely need to be enabled.

Is there a limit to the number of encrypted emails I can send per month?

You have a pooled allowance of 250 messages per month. For example, with 10 business users, your monthly allotment would be 2500 messages per month for your organization. The count is inclusive of client messages.

How much storage do I have for my secure content?

You have a pooled allowance of 5GB per business user. For example, with 10 business users, your storage capacity would be 50GB. Storage usage is inclusive of client users.

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