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What's New Latest Release - W6.95

General FAQ's

Is my data safe?
All messages and attachments are encrypted with industrial-grade security. Only the sender and recipients can read the information.
Where is the data stored?
Your encrypted data is stored in Microsoft Azure's cloud in the data jurisdiction that you selected upon your registration. Only you and recipients will be able to retrieve encrypted messages.
Are you HIPPA compliant? Do you provide a BAA?
Yes, with DeliverySlip you will have the tools to satisfy HIPPA email rules and information protection. You can request a BAA here:
What regulatory compliance schemas do you support?
DeliverySlip is suitable for use with organizations that are subject to any number of regulatory compliance schemas including; GDPR, SOX, GBLA, FINRA and more.
Do your support SSO (Single Sign On)?
DeliverySlip supports Azure Active Directory, Okta, Google, and others.
How does it work?
DeliverySlip is a web-based service hosted on Microsoft Azure. DeliverySlip works from your inside inbox where you will be able to effortlessly encrypt messages and attachments, share large files of up to 5GB, electronic signature requests and more.
How do I encrypt a message, an attachment?
Compose and attach files as you normally would and complete the encryption process by simply pressing the send secure button. You can also track interactions with your messages and attachments when you install our Chrome extension or Outlook Toolbar add-in.
How do I send a document for approval?
The most popular way to attach a file for approval is to click on the “Documents for Approval” tab in your DeliverySlip panel. You can drag and drop or select the file. You can choose where you want signatures and initials to appear, as well as set deadlines and reminders.
What happens if someone forwards my Secure message – is it still encrypted?
Yes. Once an email has been made secure (encrypted), the email stays secure. With DeliverySlip you will receive real-time notifications of any forwarding activity. For ultimate control over forwarding, select the Do Not Forward option from your DeliverySlip panel.
How do I track messages?
You will receive a notification every message or attachment interaction. You can stop wondering if someone has received your message.
Can I transfer my data to another service?
To transfer your data to another service, you will need to backup your encrypted information to a certified 3rd party archiving service. Recipients of your secure communication will no longer have access to your messages via our service.
Is there a way to set it to encrypt all emails to specific recipients?
Not at this time
Can you encrypt embedded images in your emails?
Yes, embedded Image will be encrypted. Tracking and auditing will be limited to the message. Attached files will also be encrypted and have their unique tracking information.
Don't see your question here?
Drop us a line at, complete our contact us form from our website or call us at 1-877-404-9964.

Try Now FAQ's

What if I need more than 30 days to evaluate DeliverySlip?
If you need more than 30 days, send an email to requesting an extension.
If you need more than 30 days, send an email to requesting an extension.
Enjoy DeliverySlip free of charge for your personal use (limit of 5 messages/day). You will have access to all DeliverySlip functionality as well as the ability to add unlimited colleagues and clients by merely sending them a secure message.
What if I need help getting started?
Drop us a line at, complete our contact us form from our website or call us at 1-877-404-9964.

Pricing FAQ's

How long will you be around?
DeliverySlip will be there for you. Since 2008, over 6 million people and 11,000 businesses have used DeliverySlip to protect their communication.
Does everyone in my organization need accounts to get started?
No, only the employees that need to communicate securely need to be enabled.
Is there a limit to the number of encrypted emails I can send per month?
You have a pooled allowance of 250 messages per month. For example, with 10 business users, your monthly allotment would be 2500 messages per month for your organization. The count is inclusive of client messages.
How much storage do I have for my secure content?
You have a pooled allowance of 5GB per business user. For example, with 10 business users, your storage capacity would be 50GB. Storage usage is inclusive of client users.

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