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What's New Latest Release - W7.10

Portal Status

This page explains the various portal statuses from your free trial to a fully paid certified portal.

When a new customer portal is created, it is automatically set as ‘Trial Active’, and can remain in a Trial Active mode for a maximum of 30 days. At the beginning of each month, a billing report is generated for the previous month for the number of PRO users.

  • TRIAL ACTIVE: a free 30 day trial is offered to all customer portals. All features are enabled and working as it would in a paid / certified secure portal. Trial Active portals are not billable and their status can be change to Trial Expired, Certified Secure or Suspended. After the 30 free trial period, Trial Active portals are automatically set to Trial Expired.
  • TRIAL EXPIRED: is automatically set after 30 days of the start of a 30-day trial. Trial Expired portals are billable. Trial Expired portals can be set to Certified Secure or Suspended. Depending on the portal settings some features not be available, but in general the basic messaging functions and access to all the apps are available.
  • CERTIFIED SECURE indicates a portal that is fully functional, secure and incurring billing charges. Certified Secure portals can be Suspended.
  • SUSPENDED: disables all features and all user access. Customer data is not deleted and remains encrypted. Billing charges cease, users cannot login or access their secure messages, but all data remains intact and the portal can be unsuspended with a single click. A portal can remain suspended up to 90 days, after which it is Cancelled.
  • CANCELLED portals that have been suspended for more than 90 days will be set for automatic cancellation. Note that canceling a portal will DELETE all content, users, and the portal access & custom branding. If a customer previously had an account that has been Cancelled, it must be re-created and access to the original data is not available.


NOTE: This process is often automated through the API or third party provisioning dashboards and linked to the partner providing billing information for payment of service.


Last updated October 04 2017

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