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What's New Latest Release - W7.10

Product Updates

TLS Verification in Outlook/Gmail – March 2019


TLS – Transport Layer Security Verification

Security is only as strong as your weakest link. When you send a message to recipients whose mailboxes do not comply with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols you run the risk of having your message intercepted, jeopardizing your privacy and the data integrity of your communication.

DeliverySlip TLS Verification will stand guard over your regular email by scanning your intended recipients to ensure that they enforce TLS standards for their incoming mail. If we detect that one or more of your recipients are not TLS compliant; we’ll automatically prompt you to send securely via DeliverySlip instead. For highly sensitive data, we still recommend sharing securely via DeliverySlip.

TLS Verification will work directly from Gmail or Outlook with no need to redirect your email or switch email MX records. Contact us to have TLS verification enabled for your organization. It’s free.

Works with our Chrome & Edge extension
DeliverySlip TLS highlights

Version W7.10 – Early December 2018


Administration Panel

The admin panel allows designated portal administrators to monitor portal data & configure settings. To enable administrator privileges for your portal, please contact support.

Admin Dashboard

DeliverySlip Admin Dashboard

Single Sign-On (SSO)

DeliverySlip Single Sign-On

Gateway Style Encryption

DeliverySlip - Gateway Style Encryption
DeliverySlip - Outlook Add-in

DeliverySlip Outlook Add-in

The New button drop-down options from the secure web mail are now available in the Outlook Add-in.

These options include:

Secure Message
Invite / Re-invite User
Share Secure File
Documents for Approval
& more.

The activation email is no longer required to authenticate the DeliverySlip Outlook Add-in. After installing the Add-in, or if your secure session expires, simply use the New button or click “Make Secure” on a basic message in order to trigger the authentication. If you do not have a secure session, you will be presented with the login window.

DeliverySlip - Related assets

Related Assets

The related assets feature allows users to see all of the files and documents for approval that have been attached to any messge in a thread, without navigating away from the message view.

This feature is compatible with download-all, and allows users to quickly download all the files and documents for approval attached to an entire message thread in a zip file.

Version W7.0 – Early September 2018


Mixed-Mode Inbox.

With DeliverySlip Mixed-Mode Inbox, you can simultaneously view your regular (unencrypted) emails and secure messages from the same inbox.

– To enable Mixed-Mode, you will be required to re-enter your Office 365 or Google credentials once per session. Your credentials will be passed through so that we can sync with your regular inbox and display both unencrypted and encrypted information. At no time does DeliverySlip store your regular email credentials or content.
– By default, when you reply to a message in a Mixed-Mode inbox, your communication will be encrypted.
– Unlike the DeliverySlip Verified Inbox, the Mixed-Mode Inbox contains regular emails that are subject to spam, viruses, malware and impersonation. For assured security, focus on responding to secure messages available through the Verified Inbox.

Leading Edge & more.

More support for browser-based email clients.

– Browser integrations available for:
Edge App Chrome Extension
– Download under the Apps menu or respective stores.
– Inline decryption is now available for most webmail services such as Gmail,, OWA (hosted exchange and on-premise), Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.

– New optimization for the new Gmail interface.

Approvals & Electronic
Signature Workflow.

– Set a signing order for signatories of documents for approval.
– Ensure documents are signed & approved in the order required by your internal workflows.
– Any number of signatories can be specified at any signing priority level. For example, if there are four signatories on a document, you can place three of them at signing level 1 and the fourth at signing level 2. This will ensure that the fourth signatory is the last to sign.
– Signatories will receive an automatic notification when it is their turn to sign and approve.

Single Sign On.

– Allow your users to choose their authentication method from a customizable list of identity providers (this includes the option of using a local username and password).
– Optionally force your internal users to authenticate only with your preferred authentication method.
– More SAML & OAUTH SSO providers are supported. Please contact us for custom SSO configuration.

Download All.

Download All Attachments.
– All DeliverySlip apps now support the bulk downloading of attachments.
– Includes secure files and documents for approval.
– Creates a ZIP file for easy download.
– Marks all attachments as downloaded (tracking).

QR Coding.

– Place identifying QR codes on any printed secure file, document for
approval, or secure message.
– Launch your webcam inside the DeliverySlip Web App or mobile
apps and navigate directly to secure files or messages by scanning
the QR code from a printed copy.
– Only users with permission to view a file or message are able to
access it by scanning the QR code.
– Set a signing order for signatories of documents
for approval.


Version W6.95 – Early June 2018


Consumer SSO

Ease of logging in with Office 365 & Google authentication.


  • Office 365 & Google Single Sign-On (SSO) is now default for all PRO and GUEST users on all portals with a “Suite” subscription, you can opt out of this feature.
  • New users can REGISTER with their email address and choose a password (as in the past), or continue and login with Office 365 or Google authentication. The authentication must be same email address that was invited to the portal.
  • Consumer SSO does not currently support Email Aliases.
  • Existing users will continue to be prompted to login the same way, but can seamlessly switch between login methods using the drop list of options at the log in screen.
  • You can still register an email address, set a password, or reset / change the password. Even if you logged in with 0365 or Google, this will have no effect on your SSO password.
  • Office 365 SSO does not support other Microsoft login methods such as or older accounts – these SSO options will be available in a future release.

Prime Time

Your window to what’s happening.


  • View real time tracking activity for all secure messages, files and documents for approval.
  • List view and tile view available (tile is the default view).
  • Available to both PRO and GUEST users. GUEST users have limited information access.

Audit Document

Secure & Authentic.

  • Confirm that a previously sent / saved file or document is in fact the original file sent to the recipient.
  • Support for both files (secure attachments) and documents for approval (electronic signature documents).
  • Use the NEW Audit button to easily and quickly verify a file you have saved on your computer. Ideal for determining whether a document has been tampered with, even years after it has been sent or saved elsewhere.
  • If authentic, the user has the ability to view the file within the App along with its associated Delivery Slip for further tracking and audit information.
  • This feature works by creating 4 industry standard HASHES (SHA2_256, SHA2_512, SHA3_256, SHA3_512) for each version (e.g partially signed, fully signed) of every file and document. When validating, the system creates a HASH and compares it to thousands of saved HASHES in the database.
  • Technical users can also create and validate their own HASH using the ‘Advanced Feature’ option.

Version W6.93 – Early April 2018



“New” button

The NEW button is your quick action menu, containing the following options:

  • Secure Message – Composes a new secure message. This behavior is unchanged from the previous “new” button.
  • Invite / Re-invite User – This button also composes a new secure message. It is included in order to communicate to users that they only need to send a secure message in order to invite new users.
  • Share Secure File – Composes a new message and automatically opens the file selector.
  • Document for Approval – Launches the new E-Signature wizard. More information on this feature is described in the next column.
  • Scan QR Code – Launches a QR code scanner if the user’s device has a camera. This can be used to scan and navigate directly to a secure document that was printed with a qr code. This feature is coming soon.
  • Audit document – This option can be used to upload a secure document and validate its authenticity. More details on this feature are included in the 6.95 documentation. This feature is coming soon.
  • Bulk-Send Campaigns – Creates a new Bulk Campaign that can be used to send a message to a large number of users. This option will only be functional for users that have been specifically granted permission to use this feature.
  • Install Apps – This option will navigate the user directly to the “help me choose” page in the apps list.


Verified Inbox

Organize all your secure messages.

  • Every secure message you receive now arrives in your Verified Inbox.
  • This feature is on by default (opt-out) and available to all PRO and GUEST users.
  • Using the Verified Inbox, users can move secure messages to customer folders / labels using the ‘Move’ button.
  • To view the messages in your other labels, just select the label from the drop down menu at the top of your message list.
  • This move message feature replaces the old ‘Archive’ function from version 1.0.
  • Moving a secure message does not delete it or removed it from your ‘All Inbound’ folder / label.
  • The ‘All Inbound’ folder / label replaces the previous ‘Inbox’ and displays all secure messages you received irrespective of their other assigned labels.
  • The Verified Inbox is designed for users that like a clean / zero message inbox.

Document for Approval wizard

  • This feature offers a simplified workflow for users that just need to send a document for approval.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough will allow users to upload the documents that require approval, choose the required signatories, add any additional viewers, and send the document(s).
  • Additional document management features like sign-inplace, qr codes, and signing deadline are still configurable.
  • A system generated message will be sent with the document(s) so there is no need for the user to compose a message.
  • The traditional workflow for sending a document for approval is unchanged. This feature offers an alternative for users that prefer a simplified workflow.

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